Allergic to Birch PollenAnergis develops COP allergy vaccines for patients with moderate to severe birch pollen allergy.

Twenty-five percent (25%) of all allergic patients respond to tree pollen. Among those, ninety per cent (90%) show reactivity to birch pollen extract in cutaneous tests. Allergy to birch is often related to allergies to other trees of the same family and to certain food allergies (hazel nut, apple, melon and peach allergies).

AllerT is Anergis’ most advanced COP allergy vaccine, developed for patients with moderate to severe allergy to birch pollen. AllerT contains Bet v 1 COPs combined with aluminium hydroxide for subcutaneous injection. AllerT was evaluated in three double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized phase II clinical trials involving 870 patients allergic to birch pollen. AllerT was administered using an ultra-fast schedule of 5 injections over 2 months.

Long Lasting Immune Memory

Sustained Efficacy on Allergy Symptoms



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