• The Future of Allergy Treatment 1010

    The Future of Allergy Treatment

    Ultra-Fast Allergy Immunotherapy with Long Contiguous Overlapping Peptides

  • The Future of Allergy Treatment

    The Future of Allergy Treatment

    Long-Lasting Allergy Symptom Relief after a Single Two-Month Treatment Course

  • The Future of Allergy Treatment

    The Future of Allergy Treatment

    Proprietary Technology Platform to Defeat Allergies

  • The Future of Allergy Treatment

    The Future of Allergy Treatment

    Dedicated to Research and Development in Allergy Immunotherapy


million patients suffering from allergies worldwide

years of peptide and immunology research

months of single pre-seasonal treatment course

patients treated in ultra-fast AIT clinical trials

% of patients satisfied after allergy season

years of documented specific immune memory

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